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  • My roommate did not purchase enough paint to get the front room repainted in time. (I told you so)
  • She showed me how far she had gotten in the repainting and was like “Well, I’d have to go out and buy more paint now and it’s late and I have to be out of here with the cat by midnight…”
  • As though she expected me to say “No, it’s okay, you did your best, don’t worry about it.”
  • And then got pissed when I was like “Great, so I’ll see you back here in about 15 minutes?”
  • Her follow up argument was “Look, I don’t know when you expected me to do this, this was the only day I could get off work this week.”
  • My rebuttal was, “Maybe when you were at the aquarium last weekend? Or at the movies last night? Or at the gym the night before?” (She really has to stop checking in places on Facebook if she wants to lie about where she’s been.)
  • So, without asking me if I was okay with having a strange man alone with me in my apartment, she hired a handyman to finish painting.
  • Where do you even get a handyman at 10:15 p.m???
  • That seems weird even for New York City.
  • And now I’m alone with a stranger on a Friday night.
  • …It’s less sexy than I expected.
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  1. kkiillyriidol said: UGH I hope she paid half the security and you get to keep it all when the lease is up.
  2. fuckyeahtopher reblogged this from ryeisenberg and added:
    I once found myself alone in my apartment with a hot cable guy and I seriously contemplated offering him a blowjob.
  3. ryanlrussell said: By “hired”, you mean she paid him, right? Did you ask?
  4. danegan said: The more I hear about this girl, the more I’m convinced that she’s the most charming person to walk the face of the earth.
  5. icoulduseinsouciantmaybe said: uhhhh…. keep a phone close by?
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