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Ooooooooooh boy. 
Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) compares his all-male anti-contraception panel to Martin Luther King Jr. 


Ooooooooooh boy. 

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) compares his all-male anti-contraception panel to Martin Luther King Jr. 

how is it 2012 and we still have people in positions of power who are this small minded? darrell issa the worst
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    "Think Free" Yeah… right.
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    I feel I’m the only one who says that trying to make religious based companies and places have or have available birth...
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    That’s fucked up
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    Hmm. A group of men who wish to control women vs. one of the most influential leaders of all time who gave his life in a...
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    Um, no. I cant decide whats more insulting, comparing yourself to MLK, or thinking that no one would notice an ALL MALE...
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    Oh my fucking god
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    So…it’s not popular to have a patriarchal society?
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    What is this? No, really. What the fuck is he on? Does Issa not realize that in his example, he is actually the bitter...
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    The fuck, seriously? The “position” Martin Luther King Jr. Pushed for was equality, tolerance, love for all people....
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