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gooddesignbadhumor said: After seeing you recommended, I realized your humor related posts are seem to be wonderfully to my taste—so the question: What is the funniest tumblr you follow? (Or just funniest source of content?)

Okay, like I said, there’s just so much I can say to this. First of all, as someone who really fucking loves comedy and humor and laughing, I’m really flattered that you asked me about this out of all the things I post on my blog. 

Second of all, I’ve been meaning to make a list of my favorite Tumblrs for a while now and this is the perfect chance to do so. So, thanks! And I hope this brightens your slow Friday morning!

Since you asked about where I find the funniest content, this will just be a list of of funny blogs that I find myself reblogging on a consistent basis. I want to do a separate post later of my favorite Tumblrs overall — people, fandoms, etc (many of which are on this list, and many of whom are not). 

Here goes.

(In no particular order)

Funniest Tumblrs:

~ - funny, random stuff that makes you LOL and occasionally think.

~ - general awesomeness

~ - LGBT related humor, stand up comedy, quotes, etc.

~ - client horror stories from designers. another good name for this blog would be “people are idiots who can’t use computers”

~ - as the url says, this is full of awesome and hilarious charts

~ - this blog makes me LMFAO (and those aren’t letters I throw around lightly). It imagines what the lives of the people who live in your favorite catalogues are like.

~ - healywu is a comedian/improviser living in NYC, she’s one of my favorite people on Tumblr and her posts are quality.

~ - If your sense of humor is as similar to mine as you say, you probably like all the awesome BBC panel games. This tumblr posts the best caps, quotes, and videos from all of them. 

~ - The Tumblr for Penn State University’s century old humor magazine, Phroth. They only just recently set up the account so there’s not a lot there yet, but as the former Editor-in-Chief/Production Editor/Lead Designer and current proud Phroth alum, I would be remiss to exclude this from the list. They’re very funny people who post very funny and original content. (You can also check them out at

~ - Andrew is good friend of mine in RL, a current editor for Phroth, and a very funny person. He doesn’t update often, but when he does, it’s quality. 

~ - Aside from the fact that I sometimes get her url stuck in my head on repeat for no reason at all, batfaggery is a great mix of fandom/homosexuality/obscenity/hilarity appreciation.

~ - I think their blog description says it best: “Comedy, politics, music, and drunken anecdotes.” Also, how can you resist that url? 

~ - a celebration of WTF awesomeness.

~ - easily one of my favorite single-serve Tumblrs. Dedicated to the crazy shit that evangelical Christians are scared of. 

~ - Cathy is another real life friend of mine. She was the Editor-in-Chief of The Gargoyle, the century old humor magazine from the University of Michigan. This means she is a Funny Person with a quality blog.

~ - I don’t know quite how to classify the frogman. He’s crazy, he’s funny, and he likes waffles, kittens, and Photoshop. You really can’t go wrong here.

~ - Jen is Phroth’s production editor, one of my best friends, and another Very Funny Person. She and I reblog each other all the time because our venn diagram of mutual interests is essentially a circle with a few small outliers (venn diagrams have outliers, right? math is not my strong suit…)

Funniest non-Tumblr blogs/Funniest sources of content:

~ - I’m probably biased because I used to work for them and I love their site, but they post pretty much exclusively funny stuff. Don’t just hang out on the front pages though - make sure you check out the “Just Launched” and “Going Viral” tabs too for even more quality content. (They also have a tumblr:

~ Gawker/ - current events, celebrity news, tv reviews, etc. They’ve got a little bit of everything and the writing is usually snarky which I love.

~ The High Definite - Solid, quality content all the time. Funny stuff, nerd humor, weird videos, etc. 

~ Reddit - Reddit can be somewhat daunting at times, but it’s a great place for finding funny stuff before it goes viral all over the internet. The trick is finding the right niche subreddits.

~ The AV Club - maybe its because the AV Club is affiliated with The Onion, but I love their posts (specifically their TV show recaps/reviews) because they’re incredibly thorough and very funny. 

Whoo. Okay. I hope you find all those links useful. :-)

I’m going to have to take a break before I put another one of these together. ^^;;;



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