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Translation:  Have sex with me or I’ll beat you!

Fucking horrid.

I can’t even handle this man. The stuff that comes out of his mouth that he excuses as art is despicable.

I try not to “yuck people’s yum” (which is a camp friendly way of letting people know that it is generally not okay to say shitty things about something you know someone else likes), but when someone is being openly violent and brutally misogynistic then refuses to open themselves up to criticism for the sake of their “art”, I will yuck it all I want.

Like, does Victoria Justice even know that Tyler said this about her? Was she aware when she took this picture that his lyrics glorify rape and violence toward women, and further that his tweet that made her the object of graphic sexual violence showed up on over 480,000 Twitter timelines? She probably doesn’t. Or worse, she probably doesn’t care. And, the more we glorify people who glorify this type of violence, the more society will continue to accept it.

So, no. I am not going to indulge them. Hell no am I going to let someone get by with telling me that they admire him without me yucking their yum. Advocating the rape and assault of women as an art form is not something that people should get excited about and it sure as hell is not worthy of winning awards- even a bullshit one like a VMA.

how is this person (I can’t even call him a man) not in jail? how does this person have FANS? how do people like this even exist in the world??? jesus fucking christ.

All this commentary: AGREE.

I want to punch this guy in the mouth so fucking hard. I never want to punch people.

NOPE. No. Non. Nien. Get out. No. No NO NOOOO.

This is officially my first introduction to this Tyler the Creator person and I don’t like it. Who the fuck does this guy think he is?

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misogyny tyler the creator victoria justice what the fuck despicable human beings what the actual fuck
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    Yes, blame America for him saying something stupid. That does not make any sense, at all.
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