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Why I Support The Tumblr Blackout:

I support the blackout, not because I’m complaining about the amazing free services Tumblr provides (I love free shit! And Tumblr!), but because of the way that the Tumblr staff have been treating Jeremy Cutler, the creator of Missing e

Missing e is an amazing dashboard extension that fixes a lot of the problems created by the dashboard redesign recently implemented by the tumblr developers. Their legal reasoning for asking him to shut down the extension seems (to my inexperienced legal eye) weak at best and I have to wonder where Karp and Co. will draw the line on banning (or copying) other extensions once a precedent has been set. They refuse to work with Cutler and they refuse to let Missing e continue. I want to know why. Are they hoping to implement some of Missing e’s features into the standard Tumblr dashboard without having to pay him or credit him for the coding?

One of the things we all love about Tumblr, and the fact that it is freeis how infinitely customizable it is as a blog. From layouts to URLs to dashboard themes, each of us has a completely unique Tumblr experience. It seems hypocritical and decietful to me that the Tumblr staff can’t give Cutler a clear and logical reason for asking him to remove Missing e. When a message like that comes from a site that prides itself on its infinite customizability and acceptance of open-source plugins and coding, I can’t help but be disappointed. 

And that’s why I support the blackout. 

Also, I’m going to be out of town that weekend anyway. Might as well help take a stand.

EDIT: To anyone who says that Tumblr won’t notice if a few thousand fewer people visit the site even for a day…I work for a web video production company doing online video distribution and one of my jobs is tracking our video stats on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. If I see even the slightest unusual dip or spike in traffic, I immediately go look for what might be causing it. Tumblr boasts millions (or billions) of unique viewers a day. We certainly don’t pay to use Tumblr, so a lot of the money that they get comes from investors and venture capitalists, and those people won’t be as inclined to give Tumblr their money if they think Tumblr is going to fuck around with its users or do anything that would cause the popularity of the site to drop. So if even a very small percentage of users band together to stay off the site for one day to support Jeremy Cutler and Missing e, believe me, the Tumblr staff will notice it. Whether they choose to do anything about it is another story entirely, but if enough people participate, they’ll definitely notice it. 

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