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Anonymous said: Seriously? You're bringing up the burka thing and call yourself a feminist? You gonna rip it off me? What if somebody actually wants to wear clothes? Nudity is never questioned but modesty always is. YES I know it's not always a choice but you're sterotyping.

Uh…I’m pretty sure you’ve just missed the point of that comic

I’m all for letting women wear burkas and for letting women wear bikinis. Wear what you want as long as it’s what you want to wear. 

Personally, you’d never catch me wearing either of them but I certainly wouldn’t ever stop or judge someone else for doing so. 

response anonymous

Anonymous said: did you find where or how to watch hamisrad anywhere?

Unfortunately, no. Some of the episodes are on YouTube in low-res clips, I think, but that’s the best I could find. 

"Sony Music Artists except Adele … Adele remains unbothered. Queen."

Anonymous on Adele, whose music was the only music they did NOT leak during their mass torrent leak of many Sony artists.

(via absolutelyiris)

wonderful adele anonymous lol

Anonymous said: TV show! OMG, TV show with gay character!! TV SHOW WITH GAY CHARACTERS AND SINGING AND STRONG WOMEN AND FEMINISIM!!!!!11!111!1one

Anonymous response impersonation meme

Anonymous said: hi i'm rebecca and i live in new york and have a really really awesome job and am NEVER SARCASTIC EVER IN THE HISTORY OF ANYTHING EVER and i really like everything awesome ever and am really funny and smart and and and and and and and if i were impersonating you well i would have bothered to make this grammatically correct and smart sounding but BOO HOO

Anonymous response impersonation meme

Anonymous hacks Westboro Baptist Church website during live interview with them |

"Anonymous has always said that the WBC website hacks to this point had not been carried out by them, but by a hacktivist named Jester. They also distanced themselves from the original release that seemed to spur this mini-war. Shirley went on to tell the Anonymous rep that he was going to hell and that they were all thugs."

Anonymous is represented by that picture of Batman with a lightsaber riding a shark. How apt. 

westboro baptist church people are idiots anonymous internet religion shirley phelps-roper right wing nutjobs
"They say one of the worst things you find out about the world as an adult is the way the oppressed, when given the chance, can be just as horrible as their oppressors. Nerds who get wedgies all day at school don’t dream of equality — they dream of being the one doing the beating and humiliating. For proof, all you have to do is look at how Anonymous behaves when given the chance to terrorize someone who they know can’t strike back. They find themselves operating by the same rules as any bully: They don’t harm the people who most deserve it, but rather the ones who are least able to retaliate." | 9 Major Stories Everyone Got Wrong This Year | Jessie Slaughter (aka “You Dun Goofed!”) cracked jessie slaughter you dun goofed meme bullying 4chan anonymous