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The first 3 minutes of In The Flesh was all it took for me to be hooked. Give it a peek, it’s worth your time.

If you like character-driven zombie shows featuring canonically queer lead characters that raise genuinely interesting and complex moral and ethical questions about discrimination, health care, politics, self-identity, mental health, religion, and society in general…uh…you definitely need to be watching In The Flesh. 


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Why Is Orphan Black Still Fighting a War Buffy Should Have Won Over 10 Years Ago? | Vanity Fair

The BBC America science-fiction show about clones and their mysterious origins has received a lot of critical notice, thanks in large part to an attention-grabbing performance from Tatiana Maslany, who expertly plays the show’s five main characters. The strong buzz around both the novelty of the concept and the show’s well-written cast of characters resulted in a 91 percent uptick in viewership for Orphan Black’s second season. What the extraordinary Orphan Black proves is that the geek community is not just ready for one type of badass woman; it’s ready for (at least) five.

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The World's Favourite Parlour Game: The Quite Interesting Brilliance of 'QI'

If QI is the best television programme ever made (a claim I’m sometimes tempted to make), why doesn’t the whole world watch it? Why hasn’t every country at least adapted it—as the world has done with so many less interesting shows (does the planet really need any more versions of X Factor?)? There’s a bit of debate on this topic. The show has been sold to channels in Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, and Africa, and a Dutch version was made in 2009. However, it’s still not been seen on American television, not even on BBC America.

On 9 August 2009, TV Squad reported that John Hodgman, who appeared as a bonus guest in Series G, was furious with BBC America’s choice not to broadcast the show, implying that the channel thinks the show is too intelligent for an American audience. Two days later John Lloyd explained to TV Squad that part of the issue was cost, as the pictures used on the show are only cleared for use in the UK; although he admitted that then-president of BBC America, Garth Ancier, “is convinced that Americans ‘won’t get it.’ We disagree (of course!).”

Recently, John Mitchinson, head of QI research, said the fact that QI is “genre-busting” is the problem: “It’s much more to do with the difference between US and UK panel shows. QI doesn’t fit into any US channel’s remit.” This is a shame for American television and viewers. If smart, funny entertainment doesn’t meet a channel’s needs, what does that say about the execs’ opinions of the American viewing public?

This. All of this. QI on BBC America would be the best thing ever. And if they ever decide to ‘remake’ QI instead of just broadcasting the UK eps in America, John Hodgman would be a fantastic host.

(I’d also like to thank Katey for doing her part in bringing QI to America with her UCB show The Fascinator, which was very good and also quite interesting.)

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WATCH: Exclusive Sneak Peek at BBC America’s Original ‘Doctor Who’ Specials

Which Doctor Who monster would make the best roommate? What’s the most fashionable Timelord headgear, fez or Stetson? And, of course, the age-old question, pool in the TARDIS or Vortex Manipulator watch?

BBC America put forth these very questions to celebrity Doctor Who fans as well as to devoted viewers who packed the exhibition floor at last month’s San Diego Comic-Con. Their frank and funny answers will be featured in three original specials the network has announced to feed the Whovian need as we count down the nanoseconds until the August 27 fall premiere. Here’s the schedule – mark the calendars and set those DVRs:

Doctor Who: Best of the Doctor – Saturday, August 13 at 9/8c.
Doctor Who: Best of the Monsters – Saturday, August 20 at 9/8c.
Doctor Who: Best of the Companions – Saturday, August 27 following the Doctor Who premiere episode, “Let’s Kill Hitler,” which airs at 9/8c.

The lineup is a Who’s Who of DW fandom: Alison Haislip (The Voice, G4 correspondent), Chris Hardwick (Nerdist), Scott Adsit (30 Rock), Natalie Morales (Parks and Recreation), Eugene Mirman (Flight of the Conchords, Bob’s Burgers), WIRED Magazine senior editor Adam Rogers, singer-songwriter Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls), comedian/musician Reggie Watts, Danielle Harris (the Halloweenfranchise), comedian Paul F. Tompkins, former NFL player Hugh Douglas, and guitar hero Scott Ian (Anthrax). And Who fan fave Mark Sheppard — Canton Delaware III from the two-part season opener — will also be joining the festivities.

We’ve gotten our mittens on an exclusive sneak peek at the specials. Here, Alison Haislip, Chris Hardwick, Scott Adsit, and Reggie Watts totally geek out over Doctor Who lead writer Steven Moffat‘s ingenious monster creation, The Silence.

Omg! So many people I love in these specials. Exciting.

I think I might actually die from how awesome this is going to be. So many cool people!


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Doctor Who premiere is BBC America's highest rated telecast EVER.

  • Viewership across all of BBC AMERICA’s Doctor Who YouTube content reached an all-time high of 3.5 million views.
  • The official debut of Doctor Who on Tumblr reached over 10,000 followers in two weeks.
  • Doctor Who is currently the #1 TV series on the iTunes store.
  • pulled in its largest traffic ever.  On its best day, Saturday, April 23, 74% of users were new visitors to the site.


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    Apparently BBC America doesn’t screen their Doctor Who twitter feed…
[/r/doctorwho via]

    Apparently BBC America doesn’t screen their Doctor Who twitter feed…

    [/r/doctorwho via]

    doctor who fail twitter bbc america

    Dear BBC America,


    We greatly appreciate you bringing all the glorious television shows and news channels from Britain and airing them over here. Although you have seemed to forget one very important show, Never Mind The Buzzcocks. As you can well imagine, it is very frustrating to have to rely on youtube or other means just to watch the latest episodes of The Buzzcocks. It doesn’t make sense to have to rely on youtube when you are after all BBC America for a reason; hence you air British shows over here in the states for our convenience. However, it is not very convenient at all because for some reason you are trying to make this process very difficult, and all for 30 minutes of television. All I ask is that you air Never Mind The Buzzcocks in America and all will be unicorns and sunshine again.

    However if you donnot oblige I will continue to bombard your company with useless letters of anger that you probably wont even read anyway.

    With love,

    I’ll second this message and add “pretty, pretty please with a cherry on top?”

    please let this happen bbc america Never Mind the Buzzcocks