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Sherlock: ‘A Study In Pink’ currently free on iTunes



BBC America is currently offering free episodes of some of their popular British shows in honor of “Summer of London” on itunes and Sherlock ‘A Study In Pink’ is one of them. So if you haven’t seen ‘ASIP’ or have but want to see it again and again, here’s your chance to own it for free: iTunes

Yes — each week this summer we’re offering a new set of free videos and discounted seasons of some of your favorite shows so be sure to check back for more.  This week is Sherlock: A Study in Pink.

This is a limited time deal so click through to pick it up from the iTunes store.


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(WARNING: Sherlock Series 2 Spoilers.)

Moffat’s [“A Scandal in Belgravia”] is not only a total reversal of what happens in Doyle’s original; structurally, it in fact celebrates the deconstruction of a triumphant female character — first raising our expectations that this Irene Adler is the Irene Adler we know, only to reveal that beneath all the superficial self-assuredness, the sexual playfulness, the apparent control, lies a weak little girl who can’t survive without a man’s help and who is only too happy to acknowledge that man’s arrival with a tearful face beaming gratitude.

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YES YES YES Y E S sherlock bbc sherlock trailers can't wait!

Why Sherlock star said NO to Doctor Who (and why he’d do it again) | Blastr

I totally understand why he doesn’t want to do Who as the Doctor, but I’d still love to see him play a one or two episode character. He’d be such a fun Doctor Who baddie. 

Oh and this interview gets bonus points for featuring the Red Hot Chili Peppers pretending to be Cumberbitches and a great clip from Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy in which Benedict punches Tom Hardy in the face.

benedict cumberbatch interview bbc sherlock sherlock sherlock holmes doctor who jonathan ross tinker tailor soldier spy tom hardy


↳ Catherine Tate as Harry Watson

     ”Fair hair, light eyes. Prominent nose, but not large. Wedding band, but on your right hand; it would still be on your left if it was just a separation, so, divorce. Hasn’t been finalized yet. Short marriage, I’d guess. Skin’s pale, sickly so, lips are dry, nails are cracked and brittle, eyes are bloodshot. Dehydration, nutritional deficiency, lack of REM sleep, that’ll equal chronic alcoholism, plus the fact that you smell like smoke but you’re not a smoker. You spend a lot of time in bars and pubs, then, enough so that the smell hasn’t gone with the washing. Add that to the fact that you’re sitting on my doorstep, and I’d wager that you’re Harry Watson.”

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I JUST WANT THIS TO BE REAL PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE catherine tate dream cast sherlock harry watson bbc sherlock

While I did read the books, I didn’t go too far into looking at previous incarnations, there being something like.. well over 230 in different languages. He’s the most portrayed literary character ever. A lot of my prep was spent learning the ridiculous volume of lines that Steven and Mark have written for me. It takes a lot of effort to memorize all of that.

Other preparation; a bit of weight loss, but healthily so. Swimming and Bikram Yoga, to get those cheek bones sharp and interesting. And then, yeah, I just thought about it an awful lot. I had some violin lessons. At least knowing how to hold and bow and tune. A bit of firearms practice. That never goes amiss. And then.. That’s about it. Then we got on and did it.

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↳ Catherine Tate as Harry Watson

     ”So have things gotten any better… with Clara?”


Yep, still perfect.

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↳ Catherine Tate as Harry Watson

     ”… Am I interrupting something?”

     ”Uh, I— no, no, of course not!”

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fucking perfect bbc sherlock sherlock harry watson catherine tate i want this so much