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""[QI’s] relocation to BBC One increased ratings, but there was a cost. It had to stop being what we had become - eclectic, uncompromising, slightly saucy.
“It’s a happy return [to BBC Two]. QI can be itself again, instead of masquerading as something else.”"
JOHN LLOYD, QI producer, "BBC One comedy has become bland" [via Telegraph]
john lloyd QI stephen fry BBC BBC One BBC Two comedy Britain british comedy panel shows news
"Does class really matter when it comes to comedy? Miranda, joke and trinket shop owner with pushy mother and “jolly hockey sticks” schoolfriends, would presumably count as solidly middle-class. And yet I’ve always thought of her comedy – being rubbish with boys, rubbish at not being clumsy, rubbish at managing her mother – as being universal. That is the joy of it. Good comedy isn’t about class, it’s about the jokes."
miranda hart miranda comedy british comedy bbc television humor