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"Did I think the Doctor would actually be dead? Of course not. I knew there was some way out of it, because the show’s not getting canceled, but to have the climax of the entire story arc literally just be “Hey, can I borrow your car?” is beyond frustrating. It spits in the face of not only fans, but completely taints the greatness of the opening two-parter, which was some of the best writing Moffat’s ever done."
Kyle Anderson’s review of “The Wedding of River Song” (via Nerdist)
kyle anderson doctor who review steven moffat
"[Matt Smith] delivers a mix of rambling nonsense and alien technobabble the way Samuel L. Jackson delivers yelling and swear words."
kyle anderson doctor who matt smith samuel l jackson eleventh doctor review lol Nerdist

Doctor Who for Newbies: Torchwood |

"A bit I can’t seem to get past is my strong belief that, while Capt. Jack is a great character, he is not a great central character. Jack works incredibly well as a member of the TARDIS crew but as the leader of this incredibly messed up clandestine organization, he doesn’t compel.

[…] As I said earlier, he’s the Han Solo of the series. A Han Solo TV show would be excellent if he were out smuggling and pirating it up on the Millennium Falcon, but how boring would it be if the show were Han Solo training new recruits or running a fleet? Capt. Jack Harkness only really works as a supporting character, despite how cool you may think he is. He works in Doctor Who remarkably well, and he works just as well in “Children of Earth” because he’s no longer in charge. Hopefully, for the new series, they’ll keep his character roguish and not give him too much responsibility.

I love me some Jack Harkness and Torchwood, but everthing Kyle says in this review is so true. 

torchwood spoilers jack harkness review john barrowman ianto jones doctor who kyle anderson nerdist