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NSFW! Australian government demands all vulva’s be digitally altered. “neat and tidy” only.

/Warning: The following video is ridiculously NSFW and contains graphic depictions of labia surgery./

This is a documentary from Hungry Beast called ‘healed to a single crease’- which is what the Australian Classification board demands be done to all depictions of female nether regions, stating any genital detail (clitoris, inner labia, pubic hair detail or volume) is too offensive and therefor illegal. The only acceptable vagina as far as the Classification Board is concerned is one that is ‘neat and tidy’ in their eyes.

The video shows interview with a doctor who performs labiaplasty, a photo editor who works for a porn company forced to digitally butcher normal vulvas and a member of the classification board who dodges questions like hell. I HIGHLY recommend watching it.

 Considering the HUGE rise in labiaplasty in Australia (100% rise per year with now over 1000 women per year) with the number main cause being women thinking their bits look ‘odd’, when of course in fact they are perfectly normal; is it right to ask: Is Australia’s censorship of real bodies alienating a generation of women from their own natural, beautiful bodies?

As someone who works in the adult industry I’ve known this for a while. Until I found out about the laws I honestly thought I had a ‘disgusting hanging garden cunt’ and spent my whole puberty ashamed, embarrassed and depressed. I wanted to have surgery because I thought if I didn’t I would be able to work in my dream job. I have more than one close acquaintance who has had labiaplasty surgery because they felt they where ‘fugly down there’, because they didn’t look like every naked woman they’d ever seen in this country (healed to a single crease) when in fact they where perfectly normal and sexy.

It’s disturbing and wrong to enforce standards that say what womens genitals should and shouldn’t look like- especially when you’re effectively making the most common types of womens bits illegal to portray. Just like Australia banning small breasts citing it encourages pedophiles, regardless of the performers age. 

Uhhhhh…Is this real?

How do small breasts encourage pedophiles, but little girl vulvas do not?

labiaplasty genital surgery genital mutilation feminism misogyny nsfw vagina porn body image law