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Movies Watched in 2012 | Congo

Watch this movie because Tim Curry has a funny accent and a neckerchief that’s more flamboyant than his entire wardrobe from¬†Rocky Horror. And also because Laura Linney shoots a rocket out of the air using a flare gun while standing in the open door of a rickety airplane.

But really, don’t watch this movie.¬†

congo movies watched in 2012 laura linney tim curry ernie hudson


Probably the best moment of the night: Amy Poehler and the rest of the comedy actress nominees rush the stage.

Lovely lady heroes, all of them!

Amy Poehler video emmys television laura linney melissa mccarthy edie falco martha plimpton tina fey
love actually gif lolol emma thompson alan rickman keira knightly Liam Neeson laura linney rowan atkinson bill nighy hugh grant colin firth