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Kind of Screwed -
A sad case study of how fair use isn’t properly protected in the U.S. legal system.


Kind of Screwed -

A sad case study of how fair use isn’t properly protected in the U.S. legal system.

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Law and the Multiverse Blog Mixes Lawyers and Superheroes -

"The site thus suggests that in the grand Venn diagram of life, there appears to be substantial overlap between lawyers and the people Mr. Daily lovingly refers to as “comic book nerds.”

“We look for something that has a good legal hook and a good in-universe hook” and then rev up the cultural blender, Mr. Daily explained. “We start from the premise that the comic book universe — most comic book universes — seem to be pretty similar to the real world,” with their police and courts and prisons.

And so Mr. Daily and Mr. Davidson asked whether it was possible to reconcile the imaginary and the real, things like immortal superheroes and estate law. “To our surprise often it is reconcilable,” Mr. Daily said, whether in modern legal doctrines or centuries-old legal arcana like the British common-law rule against perpetuities and the law of outlawry.

Other topics include the admissibility of evidence obtained through mind reading by Professor X of the X-men and whether the RICO Act could be effectively used by prosecutors against the Legion of Doom.”

This is kind of awesome.

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Colorado Swears in First Latina, Openly Gay Judge

"She is the first Latina to serve on the court…and an openly gay public official in a committed relationship," said Colorado’s chief deputy attorney general, Cynthia Coffman. "The court not only gains greater diversity but a woman who excels at building bridges."

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