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Loki + kids [x]

the redhead girl is playing with fire

(Source: becausehiddles)

tom hiddleston loki


Loki argues with kids (x)


tom hiddleston loki the BEST


i’m sorry i couldn’t resist

lmao loki tom hiddleston beyonce Destiny's Child
clark gregg phil coulson the avengers loki lol

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i snorted thor loki Arrested Development
LADY LOKI’D!!! #NYCC (Taken with Instagram)

LADY LOKI’D!!! #NYCC (Taken with Instagram)

nycc cosplay loki NYCC 2012


what kind of asshole would— oh.

lol omg loki clint barton the avengers hawkeye
the prettiest gif i ever did see loki the avengers queue


The Avengers | This is War


avengers bruce banner hulk iron man tony stark black widow thor hawkeye loki fanvid the best feelings

Definitely my favorite thing I’ve ever tweeted. 

ICYMI: #VaginaMovieLines is trending on twitter because of this ridiculousness.

twitter the avengers vagina movie lines loki


You and me both, Tom. You and me both.

MEWLING QUIM tom hiddleston loki the avengers twitter
FAVORITE loki hulk the avengers avengers spoilers spoilers
hahahahahahahahahahaha tom hiddleston robert downey jr loki behind the scenes lol