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The answer is 9 women, what is the question.

  • Ed Byrne:  is it what takes up 18 parking spaces?
  • Jo Brand:  is it what can do the work of 21,000 men?

jo brand for all the awards mock the week queue

A Guide to the Hilarious World of British Panel Shows | Splitsider

"Part of the reason that panel shows have become so popular in Britain is that the topical panel shows are the primary source of satire. Late night talk shows don’t exist in Britain (their chat shows are weekly, instead of daily), and as such, panel shows are the place where Brits turn for a funny look at current events. One such example is BBC Radio 4’s The News Quiz, which airs at 6:30 on Friday evening, and offers a somewhat genial comedic look at the week’s news. The even more popular TV version, Have I Got News For You(HIGNFY), has become the beloved elder of the television panel shows. Other topical shows have popped up in it’s shadow, including it’s younger, swearier BBC Two cousin Mock the Week, and the survey based 8 Out of 10 Cats on competitor Channel 4.”

Oh how I wish BBC America would air these. Or that American audiences were receptive to them. *sighs*

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A post for Anna.

This is all I managed to find in my bookmarks for now, but as I come across others I will add them.

Not a comedian, but Stephen Fry’s views on whether or not the Catholic Church is a force for good in the world, part one.

This list is full of so much win. Because comedy is a method for seeking truth through absurdity, comedians are often the best people to turn to when it comes to separating religious truth from fiction. I love it. 

comedy comedians dara o'briain mock the week QI jimmy carr marcus brigstocke religion atheism atheists God evolution creationists Sarah Palin Frankie Boyle rory mcgrath dylan moran christianity the bible


Frankie Boyle Kills Santa

“Surely there is something between killing him and making love to him!”

Every. Single. Time.

Frankie Boyle dara o'briain russell howard hugh dennis Andy Parsons ed byrne mock the week santa christmas

Can Drew Carey's new improv show please pave the way for an American 'Mock the Week'?


Drew Carey has signed a deal with GSN for a new improv-based TV show, which the network described as “a lively, unpredictable, and hilarious half-hour of improvised sketch comedy.” I’m … excited that this ups the chance of another improv-based show in the U.S. We need an American version of Mock the Week, and we need it right now.

Ooooh! I hope so!

Although, honestly, I feel like Never Mind the Buzzcocks has a better chance of succeeding in America than Mock the Week does. Mock the Week would be compared too much to The Daily Show and Colbert Report and people (and the media) wouldn’t know what to do with it or how to classify it. But Buzzcocks is all about music and we don’t have anything quite like it in America. Plus the balance of comedians and music-related-celebrities would probably be a bigger hit with American audiences. 

Then again, I tend to forget I’m not the typical American audience member. American audiences do like what they are already familiar with, so Mock the Week would probably do fairly well over here. I’m just hoping the comedians they’d get to fill that sort of panel would be actual good comedians — not Dane Cook or Jeff Dunham or some bullshit “comedians” like that. Get good, smart comedians on the show. Patton Oswalt, Louis CK, Chris Hardwick, Mike Birbiglia, Jeff Mulaney, Michael Ian Black…

mock the week Never Mind the Buzzcocks improvisation comedy stand up comedy humor
"They seem to be under the illusion when they are setting fire to the Union Jack that they are burning ~our~ flag. Well, I’m sorry to dissapoint them, but ~they~ went out and bought that flag with ~their~ hard earned cash and so, in fact, they are not burning ~OUR~ flag, they are burning ~THEIR~ flag. “Look, I’m burning your flag!” No you aren’t, you’re burning your own flag, you twat!"

David Mitchell, Mock the Week (via That Mitchell and Webb Tumblr)

david mitchell mock the week flag burning union jack

Mock the Week icons. 100x100px each.

Feel free to use them, but please credit me or link back to my tumblr or photobucket accounts.



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Inspired by this. “If I ever get famous, this photo is going to get taken and there’s going to be a caption near it…”



Inspired by this. “If I ever get famous, this photo is going to get taken and there’s going to be a caption near it…”

mock the week russell howard andy parsons adam hills bbc lol

I remember when I first saw this episode…I just about *died* laughing. I think it’s great how cool all of them were in reacting to the news that people slash them online. This is why I love comedians. 


Frankie Boyle on slash fiction.

He mentions Kirk/Spock. Your argument is invalid.

Hell, your entire life is invalid.

mock the week hugh dennis Frankie Boyle kirk spock star trek slash
"There’s a wedding: Jane invites 20 guests. Helen invites 40 guests. How angry is god?"
Frankie Boyle (Mock the Week: Unlikely questions on an exam paper) (via lgbtlaughs)
mock the week frankie boyle bbc comedy lgbtq
"It’s gayer than Right Said Fred dancing on a doily."
Russel Howard (via lgbtlaughs)
Russel Howard Mock the Week lgbtq lgbtq