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A poll taken in 2010 shows that 92% of Afghan locals have never heard of 9/11 |

What’s this ‘nineleven’ you conquered us for?

Pletts went to Helmand province in southern Afghanistan – the place bearing the brunt of the fighting between Taliban and coalition forces – with a bunch of 9/11 photos and showed them to locals. The typical answer was: “No, we have never heard about this.”

92%. That is one hell of a statistic. 

9/11 september 11 tragedy politics war afghanistan adam pletts news


Aborted Suicide Mission of the Day: Washington Post reporter Steve Hendrix recounts the story of Lt. Heather “Lucky” Penney — an Air Force combat pilot who took to the skies on 9/11 in an unarmed F-16 ready to ram United 93 with her jet.


Holy shit, you guys. Chills. With all the excessive coverage of 9/11 going on this week(end) this is one story that definitely needs to be told. Can you even imagine how different the post-9/11 discussions would have been if this crazy-ass kamikaze plan had worked? Holy fucking shit. Lady hero. Right here.

september 11 9/11 heroes kamikaze air force united 93 lt. heather penney