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Rebecca Eisenberg


This woman is so intensely powerful. I am always a little afraid, and have to ground myself before reading whatever she writes. It’s always so important. Not that what other people say isn’t, but I really think about what she says and focuses on.

Whoa. Hi! You’re very nice. I also really enjoy that my silly little, “I have a cat named Bones. He has a mustache.” fun fact from Facebook preceded your paragraph of unbelievably kind words. Thank you so much for such a thoughtful endorsement. :-)

things i did not expect when i searched my name on tumblr there was NO troll hate what the fuck upworthy this is where i work


BOYS ONLY: How to Survive Anything! 
Table of Contents:
How to Survive a shark attack
How to Survive in a Forest
How to Survive Frostbite
How to Survive a Plane Crash
How to Survive in the Desert
How to Survive a Polar Bear Attack
How to Survive a Flash Flood
How to Survive a Broken Leg
How to Survive an Earthquake
How to Survive a Forest Fire
How to Survive in a Whiteout
How to Survive a Zombie Invasion
How to Survive a Snakebite
How to Survive if Your Parachute Fails
How to Survive a Croc Attack
How to Survive a Lightning Strike
How to Survive a T-Rex
How to Survive Whitewater Rapids
How to Survive a Sinking Ship
How to Survive a Vampire Attack
How to Survive an Avalanche
How to Survive a Tornado
How to Survive Quicksand
How to Survive a Fall
How to Survive a Swarm of Bees
How to Survive in Space


GIRLS ONLY: How to Survive Anything! 
Table of Contents:
How to survive a BFF Fight
How to Survive Soccer Tryouts
How to Survive a Breakout
How to Show You’re Sorry
(and chapter 3 is where we no longer care about “survival”)
How to Have the Best Sleepover Ever
How to Take the Perfect School Photo
How to Survive Brothers
Scary Survival Dos and Don’ts
(“don’t throw things or yell at your ghost. it may react badly.”)
How to Handle Becoming Rich
How to Keep Stuff Secret
How to Survive Tests
How to Survive Shyness
How to Handle Sudden Stardom
More Stardom Survival Tips
How to Survive a Camping Trip
(“fresh air is excellent for the skin”)
How to Survive a Fashion Disaster
How to Teach Your Cat to Sit
(are you #$&^%*@ kidding me?)
How to Turn a No Into a Yes
Top Tips for Speechmaking
How to Survive Embarrassment
How to Be a Mind Reader
How to Survive a Crush
Seaside Survival
(don’t wear heels. tie your hair back. sunglasses add glamour.)
How to Soothe Sunburn
How to Pick Perfect Sunglasses
Surviving a Zombie Attack
How to Spot a Frenemy
Brilliant Boredom Busters
How to Survive Truth or Dare
How to Beat Bullies
How to be an Amazing Babysitter

I came across these books myself and remarked on them to Jenn, but didn’t pick them up to open them.  Jackie did, and it’s her comments in italics there.  These books were published this year by Scholastic.  They are not, as you have have guessed by the insane sexism, published in the 1950s.  Scholastic: this is not your proudest moment?

Maybe - MAYBE - How To Pick Perfect Sunglasses is actually in the same class as Surviving When Your Parachute Fails.  And maybe the authors truly believed this but also truly believed these two identical classes of disasters (for some reason?) needed to be in separate books.  If you ever find yourself in this situation, please oh please don’t say “THIS ONE IS FOR BOYS AND THIS IS FOR GIRLS”.  Perhaps instead say “THIS ONE HAS A BUNCH OF INTERESTING REAL-LIFE DISASTER SURVIVAL AND THIS ONE HAS A LOT OF PERSONAL HYGIENE AND INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIP STUFF IN IT, ALSO, TIPS ON GETTING YOUR CAT TO SIT DOWN, I DUNNO”.

The content of the book is what really makes it egregious, though I do recognize I react to “boys only” and “girls only” in most contexts really negatively (dating profiles and middle school sex ed classes being I suppose some exceptions).  I can’t help subbing in other groups that have had privilege:

How To Survive Anything!  STRAIGHT PEOPLE ONLY

How To Survive Anything!  WHITE PEOPLE ONLY

Wow those book titles seem really horrible, huh?  Weiiiiiiiiiiiird

Where are the chapters on surviving sexism and misogyny? 

scholastic boys only girls only how to survive anything sexism what the fuck



What the fuck, FOX? “5 Feminist Demands She Wants You to Ignore”

just in case you’re wondering, “I can think for myself” is one of these headlining gems.  Idk.  It’s really depressing but also perhaps good to know that this is actually what a lot of people would just nod their heads to and agree with.    But the overall concept here is that to be “a good man” in a heterosexual relationship, you must ignore what someone is asking you/saying to you/consenting to when it comes to their preferences.   Which, no matter what your views are on these topics, is a horrible precedent!

And in truth, sure, some people like having their bill paid for and whatever.  Not my life, not my issue.   But articles like that further work to convince people that I really can’t have a preference- that even stating that I have a preference is just some nefarious denial thing where I will actually be pissed off if I do pay/secretly pleased when they ignore my request to pay my way. 

I was also quite bothered that “Don’t Objectify Me!” was on there, because the article seems to make no distinction between objectification and appreciation, and there’s a difference.   “Independent women today want to be valued for their intelligence, their work ethic, their kindness — oh yeah, and their looks. Things have changed, but they haven’t changed that much. Females who claim they aren’t impressed by compliments about their appearance are liars. The beauty and fashion industries would implode if this were true.”

Of course people like compliments but there’s a way to give compliments that isn’t objectifying.  And it’s completely possible to place more emphasis on your respect and adoration for someone’s mind and values rather than their “looks,” because the beauty and fashion industries are fueled to some degree by a lot of physical insecurities that are taught to us, even if these do end up becoming choices we make on our own accord.   I feel like that’s pretty basic and logical but maybe it isn’t?? 

"While the notion of the sexy feminist isn’t completely false, you need to be aware of those pesky feminist demands that even the most independent of women is expecting you to ignore. Why don’t women just tell you what they want, you ask? Silly rabbit, then they wouldn’t be women!"

BRB, having a rage blackout. Also, the picture they chose to accompany that “article”…what the hell?

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feminism what the fuck what the actual fuck i mean really? really? the worst







Translation:  Have sex with me or I’ll beat you!

Fucking horrid.

I can’t even handle this man. The stuff that comes out of his mouth that he excuses as art is despicable.

I try not to “yuck people’s yum” (which is a camp friendly way of letting people know that it is generally not okay to say shitty things about something you know someone else likes), but when someone is being openly violent and brutally misogynistic then refuses to open themselves up to criticism for the sake of their “art”, I will yuck it all I want.

Like, does Victoria Justice even know that Tyler said this about her? Was she aware when she took this picture that his lyrics glorify rape and violence toward women, and further that his tweet that made her the object of graphic sexual violence showed up on over 480,000 Twitter timelines? She probably doesn’t. Or worse, she probably doesn’t care. And, the more we glorify people who glorify this type of violence, the more society will continue to accept it.

So, no. I am not going to indulge them. Hell no am I going to let someone get by with telling me that they admire him without me yucking their yum. Advocating the rape and assault of women as an art form is not something that people should get excited about and it sure as hell is not worthy of winning awards- even a bullshit one like a VMA.

how is this person (I can’t even call him a man) not in jail? how does this person have FANS? how do people like this even exist in the world??? jesus fucking christ.

All this commentary: AGREE.

I want to punch this guy in the mouth so fucking hard. I never want to punch people.

NOPE. No. Non. Nien. Get out. No. No NO NOOOO.

This is officially my first introduction to this Tyler the Creator person and I don’t like it. Who the fuck does this guy think he is?

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misogyny tyler the creator victoria justice what the fuck despicable human beings what the actual fuck