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You may recognize the style of these photos from this series, which was donated by photographer Liora K to Unite Women a couple of months ago and subsequently made its way around Tumblr in a pretty big way.

Liora has a new project called Out of Fear: Rediscovering Feminism in America, where she’s looking to travel around the U.S., photographing and interviewing feminists in their home states. There’s a beautiful video accompanying her Kickstarter that explains the project in more detail, and you can see more of these stunning photos here.

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Upworthy has a Tumblr now. Tumblrs are cool.


Our mission, now that we have chosen to accept it, is simple: We want to make meaningful things go as crazy-viral as Keyboard Cat (and now you have that song stuck in your head).

We believe that the world would be a better place if more people knew more stuff — not only that gay marriage should be legal or that women should have the right to choose, but that people should probably stop ignoring the TQ part of LGBTQ, that Neil Gaiman gives ridiculously inspirational graduation speeches, how Wall Street managed to get an extra $16 trillion (seriously, what the hell?), and that the word “fat” isn’t really an insult, among other things.

So, really, there’s no better place for us to be than Tumblr.

On this here blog you’ll find some stuff that isn’t on our website, some stuff that is, some stuff we made ourselves, and some stuff you might’ve found for us (we’re big on attribution). It’ll be a hodgepodge, but it’ll all be totally Upworthy.

If you’re still not sure what that will look like, we compiled this handy list of aspirations for you …

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This is where I work! If you follow me because I post social justice-y type things (or if you follow me for fandom things but are a social justice advocate), you’ll love Upworthy. Follow us! 

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Why Doesn't This Vintage Batgirl PSA Feel All That…Vintage-y?

When I think about the progress women have made in terms of equal pay in the 38 years since this PSA aired…I just want…I just want to….

^ This. Basically. 

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‎While both men and women are called idiots and puppets and frauds, only women are attacked in terms of suspected (or flat-out hallucinated) licentiousness. And only for women is there such a brimming, insidious thesaurus of accordant pejoratives.

Decades after the dawn of feminism, despite the best efforts of everyone from Erica Jong to Kim Cattrall, women are still seen through an erotically censorious prism, and promiscuity is still the ultimate putdown.

It’s antediluvian, and it’s astonishing. You’d think our imaginations would have evolved, even if our humanity hasn’t.

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Hillary Clinton: ‘Extremists Want To Control Women’ - BuzzFeed
The Secretary of State’s fiery speech at the Women in the World Summit featured a rare dip into domestic politics.

What a great lady. 


Hillary Clinton: ‘Extremists Want To Control Women’ - BuzzFeed

The Secretary of State’s fiery speech at the Women in the World Summit featured a rare dip into domestic politics.

What a great lady. 

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To celebrate International Women’s Day, we asked 11 women from different countries to choose one reason we should celebrate this year.

• From the US: Jessica Valenti - let’s celebrate the backlash against sexism

• From Egypt: Adhaf Souef - let’s celebrate the women of Egypt’s revolution

• From India: Mari Marcel Thekaekara - let’s celebrate Indian women being more visible than ever

• From Sudan: Lubna Hussein - let’s celebrate the women of Sudan’s Nuba mountains

• From China: Lijia Zhan - let’s celebrate China leading the world in wealthy self-made women

• From Afghanistan: Orzala Ashraf Nemat - let’s celebrate Afghanistan’s grassroots activists

• From Norway: Maria Reinertsen - let’s celebrate more dad time for kids in Norway

• From Chile: Catalina May - let’s celebrate a belated discission about women’s rights in Chile

• From the UK: Anna Bird - let’s celebrate a new energy among UK feminist activists

• From Russia: Natalia Antonova - let’s celebrate women taking on the government

• From Saudi Arabia: Eman Al Nafjan - let’s celebrate the Saudi women’s driving campaign

Photographs: Reuters; Phil Moore for the Guardian; Manish Swarup/AP; AP; Janine Wiedel/Alam; AFP/Getty Images; David Wong/AP; AP

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You’re bad at this, Rush Limbaugh. You don’t even understand how babies are made, let alone how people can have sex without making a baby, and you would like the government to take over decision-making on these issues on your say-so. And you don’t get it. You biologically don’t get it. You just don’t understand it. You were absent that day. - Rachel Maddow

#or they care so little about women and their women issues they don’t give a shit

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