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One reason why I love David Mitchell (x)

thank you david mitchell would i lie to you


One of my favorite bits from Would I Lie To You, feature David O’Doherty - WHO I’M SEEING LIVE AT UCB TONIGHT!

YES! I saw David O’Doherty at UCB last night, knowing him solely from his appearances on Would I Lie To You and Never Mind The Buzzcocks and his show was just…amazing. I mean, he’s funny on the panel shows, don’t get me wrong, but I wasn’t expecting to laugh as hard as I did. He was so hilarious and he’s so great at storytelling which is one of my favorite kinds of comedy. It was like storytelling inception. He would start one story, go off on a tangent, go off on another tangent, and then come back out of each tangent by finishing the previous story until he had wrapped up all the loose ends and then finish with a song. It was beautiful and it he made it look so effortless. If you get a chance to see him while he’s still in the states I recommend doing so. 

david o'doherty would i lie to you comedians
"If I knew how I knew everything I knew I’d only be able to know half as much because it would be clogged up with where I know it from. I cannot always cite my sources, I’m sorry."
David Mitchell on Would I Lie To You? (via akohagen)
david mitchell is forever awesome would i lie to you

A Guide to the Hilarious World of British Panel Shows | Splitsider

"Part of the reason that panel shows have become so popular in Britain is that the topical panel shows are the primary source of satire. Late night talk shows don’t exist in Britain (their chat shows are weekly, instead of daily), and as such, panel shows are the place where Brits turn for a funny look at current events. One such example is BBC Radio 4’s The News Quiz, which airs at 6:30 on Friday evening, and offers a somewhat genial comedic look at the week’s news. The even more popular TV version, Have I Got News For You(HIGNFY), has become the beloved elder of the television panel shows. Other topical shows have popped up in it’s shadow, including it’s younger, swearier BBC Two cousin Mock the Week, and the survey based 8 Out of 10 Cats on competitor Channel 4.”

Oh how I wish BBC America would air these. Or that American audiences were receptive to them. *sighs*

panel shows comedy QI mock the week have i got news for you 8 out of 10 cats would i lie to you never mind the buzzcocks